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Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears Sweeten Up A Stage

Friday, April 8, Neurolux


In 2009, Esquire listed Joe Lewis and The Honeybears as one of the top 10 bands to break out at SXSW, and NPR rated their album Tell 'Em What Your Name Is (Lost Highway Records) as the No. 3 album of the year. Scandalous was released last month.

As the story goes, Lewis saw the good times his musician neighbors had touring and figured he needed to get in on that action. So he plucked a guitar off the wall of the pawnshop where he worked and taught himself how to play. The result is the punk/soul/rock the band for which he has become known.

The band spends countless hours touring and delivering their funkadelic soul--complete with a great big horn section and gritty lyrics--to audiences looking to party. As Lewis says on the band's website: "We can't play it any cleaner or smoother--and we don't want to, either."