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Black and White and Lots of Gray


This is one of those annual issues that we've been doing for a while. As you can see from the name of this week's feature--"Boise Weekly's Ninth Annual Black and White Photo Contest"--we've been at it nine years now. Like all of our contests, in which we turn over our pages and sometimes our cover to our talented readers, the number of submissions we receive for Black and White Photo grows every year, and the caliber of the work continues to improve and impress.

For those who are new to this issue, here's how it works: The winner graces the cover and the runners-up are found on pages 15-20. Come November, when we auction off the lot of covers from the last year, Jordan Munroe's grand prize piece will be among those sold to help fund Boise Weekly's private arts grant.

Whether you're an online reader or devoted to newsprint, I'd recommend checking out the photo contest. We've been mucking around with a few elements of our website, including the slideshow element, and recently implemented vast changes to the look and functionality of it.

In fact, we dispatch our photog-intern army to various events each week with instructions to snap as many photos as possible. We create a slideshow of each event, and if you're out and about on the regular, there's a good chance we have a shot of your mug. Keep an eye on Cobweb for posts with "slideshow" in the title.

As for this edition, news editor George Prentice talks to property owners in Payette County, who say they are being pressured to sell their homes and land to make way for proposed natural-gas drilling. In Food, Guy Hand takes a romp through the woods and discovers a surprisingly decent meal. And in Citizen, BW chats up one of Boise's most well known faces: Idaho Shakespeare Festival's Sara Bruner.