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Blac Rabbit, Neurolux, April 16

Neurolux, Tuesday, April 16


It's a story often heard in New York City: A musician starts by playing music in the subway for loose change, then graduates to full-time stardom after being "discovered" by a random passerby with the right job or a smartphone. The tale of how Blac Rabbit came to be is a riff on that big-city classic. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, twins Amiri and Rahiem Taylor did indeed begin their careers on the platform, and a viral video of them performing Beatles covers onboard a train catapulted them to notoriety, bringing TV show appearances and ad spots. But by the time of their "discovery," the duo and their bandmates had already released the EP Blac Rabbit (self-released, 2017). Now, the atmospheric psych-rock group is on tour to promote its first full-length album, Interstella (How Far Music), which is set to drop this spring. "Seize the Day," released in advance of the album, promises a rolicking show, with spacey vocals butting up against foot-tapping drum lines and electric guitar riffs.