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Bitter:Sweet: The Mating Game

CD Review


Downtempo melodic sounds meet Dr. Evil She-Bots with ray guns and white vinyl go-go boots. Kinda hot, right? File it in your James Bond sexy electronica section (assuming that you have one) and play it at all of your after-hours martin-drenched soirees. Bitter:Sweet's debut LP, The Mating Game, is not only sultry and provocative, but surprisingly soulful and chipper. Yes, I just put soulful and chipper in the same sentence. I totally went there.

Taking inspiration from an array of spy-movies, Bitter:Sweet dips into the ever increasing overpopulated electronic music genre but successfully manages to restore all lost faith. Their sound varies from song to song and caters to a wide variety of distinguished palates. A few tracks are delicately laced with drum and bass beats and a few drop in with a sophisticated and catchy air about them. My favorites were the tragically melodious sonnets, subtly leaking out of my speakers and into to my hips as I slowly sway side to side and sip on a dry gin martini.

I couldn't help but notice how much this album reminded me of a lounge I visited on my first trip to Los Angeles. After reading the liner notes of The Mating Game and discovering that Bitter:Sweet are actually Los Angeles natives, everything made a little bit more sense. I now have the CD tucked in my car CD player. Too bad I can't dance the flamenco while I'm driving.

Catch Bitter:Sweet at the Big Easy with local DJ Pat Benolkin on Wednesday, September 6.