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Biting Back


Dog people unite.

That's the word from a group of disgruntled canine companions upset by the recent proposal to expand leash laws on Foothill trails (BW, News, "The (Dog) Shit Hits the Fan," May 7, 2008).

The group wants dog owners who used the Foothills trail system to be part of the plan to avoid restricting access to the popular recreation area. The will host an open meeting at 7 p.m. on May 14 at the Foothills Learning Center.

The group includes two members of the Foothills Dog Policy Working Group­, the organization that came up with the idea for the leash restrictions in the first place.

The meeting comes in response to the recommendation from the working group, which reports to the Foothills Advisory Committee, calling for all dogs on lower and mid-level Foothills trails to be leashed only.

That recommendation came after a growing number of complaints about out-of-control dogs on the busy trails and owners failing to pick up after their dogs. Working group members surveyed communities around the country to find out what works.

The recommendations were shelved for the time being after public outcry.

This new group of dog owners hopes to come up with a plan that would appease the powers that be and not give the city a reason to create new restrictions.

The group is already planning a poop scoop/education day in June.