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Birth, Death and Rock: Red Hands Black Feet, Oso Negro and R.E.M.

Music news of both local and national proprotions


Noise news is rife with the musical life-cycle this week.

In the beginning, bands must hit the studio. And local odd-rock band Red Hands Black Feet--is it an O.J. Simpson reference? No one really knows--will reportedly finally get around to doing that. RHBF guitarist Eric Larson says that after two years of constantly rewriting the band's epic 10-minute textural explorations, they'll be hitting the studio in the next two weeks, when they will then toss out half their material so their debut album won't end up as the rock version of Wagner's Ring Cycle.

Studio time begets finished albums that must then be released. And that's what local-ish rapper Oso Negro--he's from the hip-hop Mecca of Ontario, Ore.--is set to do this week. He'll drop his next album, Hungry Bear, on Boise with a special performance at Tom Grainey's Basement on Tuesday, Sept. 27. The album will be available online via Bandcamp and at any of Oso Negro's West Coast tour stops.

But what happens to albums that are already released?

If you're local band Trans Atlantic Crush, you sell a shit-ton of them at the Record Exchange. Despite never having played live, Remember, the band's Depeche Mode-esque debut has sold more than 50 copies at the RX. And considering the state of record sales compared to downloads, that's nearly enough to put them on the Billboard charts.

Of course, if an album doesn't sell that well, then you can always turn to local cartoonist Chris Hunt for help. Hunt created illustrations used in the video for rapper Asher Roth's new single, "Last Man Standing" featuring Akon, which has been viewed nearly 120,000 times on YouTube. That's even more than the 87,000 views on the recently dropped and locally shot video for "Montana," the debut single from Youth Lagoon, aka "Boise's next big thing."

And don't think that people aren't looking to Boise's music scene for big things. Seattle Weekly recently asked Finn Riggins keyboardist Eric Gilbert to pen a guest column for the SW blog, which was titled "Five Boise Bands (Other than Built To Spill) You Need to Hear Right Now." His picks were Atomic Mama, Hillfolk Noir, Owlright, Wolvserpent and the aforementioned Youth Lagoon, though he managed to drop in about two-dozen others at the end of the piece.

But if all that is too progressive for you and you just want to get back to the roots of jamming, no problem. Swing by Pengilly's Saloon for the newly launched a series of old-timey jams with the Hokum Hi-Flyers. The jams will be held every Tuesday from 6-8 p.m.

Also, R.E.M. broke up. Which made us realize they were still together.

[ Video is no longer available. ]