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Bios Urn

Rest in peace, as a tree


When I die, I don't want to be buried in the ground or sprinkled over a mountaintop. I want something way cooler: I want to be a tree. Fortunately for me, that's a thing. A Barcelona, Spain-based company spent 15 years making this a reality.

The Bios Urn, from Estudimoline is a "new way to conceive life, after life." The 100-percent biodegradable urn arrives with a tree seed inside. You add the ashes of your late loved one, topped by some soil from the area where the urn will be going, and then plant the whole cup in the ground. According to, the seed germinates in the top of the capsule, separated from the ashes. By the time the urn begins to biodegrade, the roots have connected with the ashes, which become part of the subsoil and help nourish a pine, gingko, maple, oak, ash or beech tree. In light of Earth Day, which was April 22, I can't think of a better way to give back to the earth than turning carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Imagine shaded parks in place of cemeteries and paying respects to those you've lost by sitting in the shade of a tree they helped create instead of staring down at a cold granite headstone. Imagine birds nesting in your mom's protective branches. Imagine the treehouse you could build atop your dad's newfound shoulders.

Bios Urns are available for pets as well, and cost around $100. If turning into a tree isn't for you, check out the Infinity Burial Project: an organic cotton suit lined with crocheted netting full of mushroom spores.