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Bingo's Excellent Ice Cream Adventure

In one cone, then the other and another and another...


During this wet Boise May, it's hard to fathom how hot it will get this summer. The sun is expected to beat down like never before and drain your precious bodily fluids faster than you can say "electrolyte." There's only one fix for when you can't take anymore heat: frozen bovine lactose. Over the past week, I've been taking the spawn to help me test frozen treats across the city. (We decided to include food joints only when the name of the establishment focused on the frozen treats served.) We've been gathering information and expanding my middle.

Now I have only one question left: Where can you get wholesale insulin?

Baskin Robbins

With over 4,500 locations and international recognition of its 31 flavors, this granddaddy of all ice cream parlors is a classic. They're constantly trying out new things on their menu, but you'll also find all the traditional stuff. As a kid, I always enjoyed the sample spoons, testing new flavors each time we went in. (My goal was to see how many of the 31 flavors I could try before the server behind the counter cut me off.) Try any of the five locations in Boise and Meridian. 5204 W. Franklin Road, 4740 W. State St., 7172 Fairview Ave., 350 N. Milwaukee St., 1770 E. Fairview Ave. (Meridian).

Coldstone Creamery

Made in-store, the ice cream and chocolate-dipped waffle cones here generate lines out the door in the summer. If you tip the servers who are "softening up" your ice cream and folding goodies into the mix, they'll sing you a song. We like to sit there with a roll of nickels. Each time their song ends ... plink... we want another song. There's no small-medium-large here. They go with the Like It, Love It and Gotta Have It sizes. Heck, it's so good you'll want to molest it. 577 E. Park Blvd. Suite 120, 3640 S. Findley, 1400 N. Eagle Road (Meridian), 664 S. Rivershore Suite 160 (Eagle).

Dairy Queen

No scoop ice cream here. Dairy Queen serves up their signature curly-Q soft-serve cones straight out of a machine, just as Mother Nature intended. Did you know that the Blizzard is celebrating it's 20th birthday? This is the place that got the whole chunky-ice-cream-shake-you-eat-with-a-spoon craze. And no summer road trip would be the same without a large dipped cone melting all over the back seat. 5711 Franklin Road, 550 E. Boise Ave., 5251 Glenwood Road (Garden City), Boise Towne Square 350 N. Milwaukee St., 10264 Overland Road, 107 E. Water Tower (Meridian).


With 33 flavors on the board, Delsa's is hometown, homemade, pure goodness. An array of sundaes, including an all-sherbert Capitol Sunset, the old-fashioned Tin Roof and ice cream flavors like cake batter and swiss orange chip. Also offering burgers and a shaded patio to enjoy your treats. 7923 Ustick Road.

Fanci Freez

This State Street drive-thru makes great burgers and tots, but for a quickie, on-the-go soft-serve cone, it's hard to beat. The spawn love the swirls and we noticed a few strawberry dipped cones handed through the window to the carload of preteen demons in front of us. One day we're going to go get the Boston Shake-a milkshake with a sundae on top. 1402 W. Boise.


No summer would be complete without a visit to Goody's, a traditional candy store and soda fountain where you can get a float, a shake, a hot fudge sundae and a jawbreaker. Sit underneath the Hyde Park shade trees then go get a pizza and beer at Lucky 13. Who says you have to have dessert last? 1502 N. 13th St.

Maggie Moos

With a big creepy-eyelashed cartoon Holstein as their mascot, Maggie Moos is one of the fastest growing ice cream franchises since Baskin Robbins. Two locations in Boise (and we hear a third is coming, once BODO opens for business) make over 40 flavors fresh every day in the store. The gimmick, other than the fem-cow mascot, is the mix-ins with the server hand-folding your ice cream with treats such as mini M&Ms, nuts, fruit or chocolate chips. Every cone is a waffle cone here. Eat up. 8073 W. Emerald and 13601 W. McMillan Road #103.


We like TCBY, and it's as much fun to come up with what this acronym might stand for as it is to eat there. Perhaps it refers to the color of the vanilla yogurt-"That Could Be Yellow"-or what frozen yogurt is-"Taint Cow Bladder Yolk." It could stand for "Totally Contrary Bovine Yummyness," "Tasty Cans of Boiled Yams," "Tall Cannibals Boiling Yetis" or "This Christmas, Buy Yule-logs." Back in the mid-80's yogurt wars, a yogurt franchise called I Can't Believe It's Yogurt sued TCBY because the acronym stood for "This Can't Be Yogurt." Undeterred, TCBY changed their acronym to "The Country's Best Yogurt." Made famous as an alternative to ice cream saturated with fats, low-fat frozen yogurt was the "other" choice. Now that we discovered it's not the fat, but the carbs which make you obese, TCBY rolls out their low-carb yogurt. Man are these guys on top of the trend. 1790 W. State Street, 7103 Overland Road, Boise Municipal Airport 3201 Airport Way, 111 Broadway, 7300 W. State, 415 E. Parkcenter Blvd., 1517 N. Milwaukee St., 1800 W. Locust Grove (Meridian).