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Billy Harvey

Friday, Nov. 9, The Record Exchange


Calling Billy Harvey a mere musician would be something of an understatement. Yes, he once won the International Songwriters Award for Best Rock Song—a nod to his upbeat number "Frozen Through"—and has been producing pop tracks for years, but he has also worked as a producer for other artists; directed and animated his own eclectic music videos; starred in the award-winning short film "Strings;" collected accolades for his off-the-wall interactive website (, which leads viewers through a series of scribbled-on polaroid photographs; and even produced a full-length documentary film centered on a road trip in his vegetable oil-powered car. Plus, as jazz musician Curtis Stigers noted after a lengthy comment on Harvey's work, "He married a Boise girl, so he's got good sense and taste, too." Catch Harvey playing tracks from his newest record, The Arsonist (self-released, 2018), at The Record Exchange on Friday, Nov. 9.

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