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Bill That Would Ban More Idaho Felons From Owning Firearms Moves to Full Hearing


A lobbyist for the Idaho Sheriff's Association returned to an Idaho House committee Tuesday morning, pushing further firearms restrictions for select felons. A similar measure died in committee during the 2016 legislative session.

Michael Kane, representing the ISA, stood before the House State Affairs Committee and proposed the measure, which would ban felons convicted of hijacking, human trafficking, gang activity or terrorism from owning any firearms—including after they have completed the terms of their sentence and probation.

"But even if a person served their time and finished their parole, wouldn't this be an infringement on their constitutional rights?" asked freshman Rep. Christy Zito (R-Hammett).

Kane explained that when it came to firearms, state law would supersede federal intervention.

"The federal law is clear: States determine which of their citizens can carry weapons," he said. "The federal law goes along with the state's determination."

With that, the committee voted unanimously to hold a full hearing on the issue, to be scheduled at a later date.

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