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Bill Sali vs. Himself


Color us confused: Bill Sali, Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho's First District, appears to be pulling away from earlier statements in support of Proposition 2, the controversial property-rights measure.

Last weekend, Sali said he is continuing his review of Proposition 2: "No matter what anyone else claims, I have not finalized my position on Proposition 2 yet."

"Proposition 2 is an extremely complicated measure," he added. "While I still support the concept behind this measure, Idahoans will not vote on the concept. They will vote on the language."

But back in July, Sali and his campaign told us in no uncertain terms that he would vote for Proposition 2 (BW 07/12/2006, News, "Proposition 2 Gains Some Allies" ).

Here's the way his daughter and campaign manager Jesseca Sali put it to us in July, in response to an e-mail in which BW asked for the his position on Proposition 2: "Bill will vote for Proposition 2."

Hard to misunderstand that. She also provided us with this statement from Sali, which we printed then, and print here again: "As John Locke said, 'the preservation of property" rights is the "end of government.' Throughout my years in public service, I have worked to help secure private property rights for all Idahoans. Government should be a good neighbor with property owners, and Proposition 2 embodies that principle."

And that, dear readers, was the sum total of the e-mail message to BW.

Sali spokesman Wayne Hoffman offered no wisdom on the matter.

"I know he's read it now, I can tell you that much" Hoffman said.