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Bill Pays Bill


Just two days after BW wrote about U.S. Rep. Bill Sali's unpaid bill at the Boise Police Department (BW, News, "BPD Waits For Sali," January 31, 2007) we got word that the check was delivered to the cops.

Sali, a Republican, had racked up a $4,400 bill with BPD for security costs incurred by the visit of Vice President Dick Cheney last summer. Cheney was in town to help Sali raise more than $31,000 for his race against Democrat Larry Grant. BPD sent the Sali campaign a bill in October. Then waited. And waited. When BW called the Sali campaign office about it last week, they weren't aware of the bill, a situation that presumably changed shortly thereafter.

But they're still waiting for cash up in Coeur d'Alene. According to the Spokane, Wash, Spokesman-Review, the Northern Lakes Fire Protection District has been waiting since November for the Idaho Republican Party to pay for costs incurred by Cheney's summertime visit to that city. The fire district is hoping for payback to the tune of $2,087.79.