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Bill Emerges That Would Give 'Leeway' to Passing Motorists on Idaho Highways


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Without any discussion or debate, a measure that would give "leeway" to motorists when they're passing other vehicles moved quickly toward a full public hearing in front of the Idaho House Transportation and Defense Committee.

Dubbed "the passing bill," the proposal is being carried by Rep. Lance Clow (R-Twin Falls).

"This bill deals with something we've all experienced. You're on a two-lane road, one lane in each direction, but the car in front of you is a couple of miles below the speed limit and you want to pass," said Clow. "You can spend eternity trying to make a safe pass."

Current Idaho law does not make any accommodations to motorists when attempting to pass a vehicle. If you exceed the speed limit, even while passing, you're eligible for a ticket.

"This bill would expand the speed limit up to 15 miles per hour, giving you some leeway to get around," said Clow. "You could only pass on the left, only on a two-lane road and only where the highway speed limit is 55 miles per hour or greater."

The Transportation Committee voted unanimously to give the proposal a full hearing, scheduled for Friday, Feb. 10.

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