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Bill Coffey and Ned Evett: These Dreams of Mine


Prior to its release, These Dreams of Mine was featured on KBSU's "Private Idaho," which is how it caught my attention. At a later date, a live performance of these two musicians proved to be equally remarkable. These Dreams is a notable marriage of Bill Coffey's songwriting and Ned Evett's guitar playing, and these two Idaho musicians got together to make one impressive album.

"Long Before the Light," showcases Evett's masterful fretless playing as it blends with Coffey singing: "Lying awake in the morning / Long before the light / The words we said the night before / Kept me up all night."

Coffey's abilities turn everyday items into song subjects with significance. "Boxes" contains the lines, "Boxes tell the story / Without shame or pride / Of all those things we hold on to / Of all those things we hide." The tongue-in-cheek "Fairweather Friend" offers a lighter moment with "I may not always be there when you want me / But, I'll be there when I can" and "Can you count on me / Well I guess that depends." "Someone's Trying to Tell You Something" has much deeper meaning. It contains the plaintive lines, "When you walk that lonesome valley / You must walk alone / Nobody loves you when you're down and out / And feeling low."

With quality songwriting, impressive guitar playing and some solid harmonies, These Dreams of Mine is sure to make a positive impression on anyone who hears it.