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Bikes in a Box

Boise bikes head to Africa


In the great bike circle of life, 150 are about to be reincarnated thanks to the Village Bicycle Project and a donation by the Boise Bicycle Project.

After BBP made its recent move to its new headquarters on Lusk Street, VBP was given 150 surplus bikes that just couldn’t make the move. Those bikes are now bound for Africa to join the roughly 40,000 bikes the nonprofit has already sent since it started in 2000.

But before those bikes can make the long voyage, they need to be prepared to be packed in a shipping container to make the trip. And it will take a village to help VBP get them ready.

VBP is asking for some volunteer help. Work started on July 12, but will finish up on Monday, July 13, from 6-9 p.m. at the former home of BBP (the old Boise Rescue Mission) on the corner of Front and Sixth streets.

On the bikes in good condition, they’re asking volunteers to help remove pedals, turn handlebars, and lower seats so the bikes take up as little room as possible. Bikes that can’t be ridden will be stripped for parts, which will be sent to Africa to repair bikes already there.

Later this month or in early August, VBP can also use volunteers with vans, truck and trailers willing to help drive all the bikes and assorted parts to Seattle to be loaded and shipped.