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Big Name, Big Money?


This just in from the mayoral campaign of Jim Tibbs: Velma Morrison has signed on as his finance chair.

The attachment of Morrison, a household name in Boise, to the Tibbs campaign is likely to draw money and add legitimacy to his effort to unseat Mayor Dave Bieter.

Bieter has yet to officially launch his campaign, but he has been active for months preparing for the November 2007 election.

Matt Ellsworth, from Tibbs' campaign, told BW that Morrison approached Tibbs after he announced his run in March and offered her help.

"Velma Morrison carries a lot of respect in the community," Ellsworth said. "It shows the caliber of campaign Jim Tibbs is going to run."

Ellsworth said Morrison's role will be to help coordinate fund-raising efforts around the city. Morrison has not, Ellsworth said, been very politically active in the past.

In a statement sent to reporters, Morrison said she was "proud to help" Tibbs.

"He shares my love for Boise, and I know that he will do the right thing as our next mayor," she said.

"Having Velma on our team means a great deal to me personally and to our campaign," Tibbs said in a prepared statement.