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Big Jud's


After eating at Big Jud's, I may have to be renamed Big Amy. I found out what the special is: An entire pound of hamburger cooked to perfection and topped with ketchup, mayo, shredded lettuce, dill pickles and gooey cheddar cheese on a plate-sized, handmade bun served with a huge basket of hot hand-cut fries so long they spill out the sides of the basket. Knowing I would be unable to conquer this monster alone, I invited three of my BW workmates and one of my favorite dining companions, the HVAC guy. Arriving at Big Jud's during the lunch rush, the five of us were forced to squeeze into a booth with my three workmates cozily squished together on one side and the HVAC guy and I sitting comfortably on the other. One workmate ordered a single (most sandwiches at Jud's can be ordered as doubles) grilled cheese sandwich with fries, the HVAC guy chose finger steaks and tots and the other three of us got the Big Jud's special with half fries and half tots to split.

Cutting this behemoth in four parts allowed us to complete the special, but not easily. I polished off my fourth and a hearty helping of the crunchy tots. My cheese-eating companion ate half of her sandwich, which was beautifully grilled on thick slices of toast. My other female workmate couldn't quite get through her fourth of the Big Jud or share of the fries (her dogs had a tasty snack that night), but made a valiant effort. My male dining buddy finished his fourth of the mighty burger, split the other fourth with the HVAC guy, ate the other half of the cheese sandwich and the rest of the tater tots. Grilled cheese girl and HVAC man both ordered a scoop of cold, creamy huckleberry ice cream for dessert.

Wishing I'd worn looser pants, I wondered who on earth could eat a special alone? Just look on the Wall of Fame at Jud's and you'll see. If you can complete a Big Jud's Special, a photo of you in all your cholesterol-soaked glory will be taped on the wall next to other giants in your field. The prices are good and the food is great.

On a personal note: On the wall of fame, there is a photo of my baby brother, his Boise State Rugby Team T-shirt stretched across his growing gut. I couldn't be prouder (sniff).