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Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Jan. 22, Knitting Factory


When astronauts on the 2005 Space Shuttle Discovery mission asked guitarist Todd Park Mohr's band to pen them a song--one that subsequently became one of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign tunes--he tried not to get a big head. But with the band name Big Head Todd and the Monsters, that proved to be a smidge difficult.

The song, fittingly titled "Blue Sky," is a meaty alt-rock ballad, orbiting in a universe of cliches: "Light this candle, make it right / Yes, you can change the world."

But cliches aside, this Colorado blues-country-rock band has been cranking out jams since the late '80s, with a rep for intense live shows. Mohr's gritty, five o'clock-shadow vocals helped the band strike it big in 1993 with the platinum album Sister Sweetly. Revel in some early '90s nostalgia and rootsy rock at the Knitting Factory on Friday, Jan. 22.