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Big Game Hunter and Filmmaker Busted Out of Bounds


Owner of Big Bull Productions, Glen Berry, was sentenced the maximum penalties after pleading guilty to four charges related to his illegal take of a bull elk on September 19, 2005.

A game call manufacturer, big game filmmaker and successful archer, Berry was hunting with a Montana tag when he shot a bull about a half-mile inside Idaho. Filming for Berry's production company caught the kill on video, which investigators were never able to recover. However, Idaho Fish and Game officers were able to confirm that Berry had knowledge of his exact location prior to taking the elk due to several actions taken after the kill. Berry's precise GPS record of his kill site helped investigators determine that Berry and his crew knew they were in Idaho, as did Berry's prompt purchase of an Idaho elk tag after the kill occurred. Idaho Fish and Game Senior Conservation Officer Lew Huddleston investigating the poaching incident also reported that because the hunting party was on the Idaho side of the Continental Divide, there should have been little question as to which state the party was hunting in when Berry took the bull.

Berry pleaded guilty to possession of an unlawfully taken big game animal, hunting without an Idaho elk permit, failing to validate his elk tag and violating the U.S. Forest Service Travel Plan. Berry was sentenced to pay more than $10,000 in fines, court costs and civil penalties and to serve 180 days in jail (of which all but 30 were suspended). Berry's license will be revoked for three years and will be banned from hunting in the 20 other member states of the Wildlife Violator Compact for three years.

*Editor's Note: Boise Weekly was provided with incorrect information at the time of publication. According to court documents, Berry was sentenced to pay more than $1,000 in fines. (July 2008)