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Big Brett Dennen Comes To Boise

Friday, June 10, Knitting Factory


To see him on the street, you might not guess that Brett Dennen is an acclaimed musician. He's a giant blue-eyed, ginger-haired guy in whose arms a standard guitar looks as small as an ukulele. He doesn't look like a rock star, and he doesn't really sound like one. A pleasant, albeit reedy tenor that slips from a whisper to a belted-out falsetto and crazy-legs moves on stage isn't typical rock-god material (or is it, Elvis Presley?).

But the 30-something Dennen, whose rockin' new album Loverboy (Dualtone Music Group) came out in April, has the qualities of a long and illustrious musical career: He knows his way around a guitar and he's an incredible storyteller who sings every note honestly. No matter whether he's promising "Sydney" he'll come running or explaining why there "Ain't No Reason" love won't come set him free, he's sincere and tells his tales as if they're closely guarded secrets--ones he's sharing with a whole crowd of fans.