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Bieter: No to Mine


It may come as no surprise to anyone who's been listening lately, but Mayor Dave Bieter has made it official that he opposes the proposed Atlanta Gold Mine. He made it official in a news conference alongside the Boise River.

"This river is an irreplaceable part of this city. It's where we fish; it's where we float; it's where our eagles and herons nest; more and more, it's where we get our drinking water," Bieter said. "I have concluded that the Atlanta Gold project is simply a terrible idea."

Bieter was set to ask the Boise City Council to approve a resolution against the mine. Such acts are nonbinding; the proposal to mine gold using cyanide heap leach technology is under review by the U.S. Forest Service and state regulatory agencies.

Nonetheless, environmental groups were pleased to hear Bieter's unequivocal statement.

"It's one of those rare opportunities when we can thank our public officials instead of scowling at them," said John Robison, spokesman for the Idaho Conservation League.