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Better Than What's In Your Fridge: Sarah Tregay Reads from Love and Leftovers

Friday, Jan. 6


Eagle resident Sarah Tregay didn't have a TV when she was a kid. And contrary to most teenagers' insistence that it would cause her to turn into some sort of hideously malformed cultural outcast with nary a catchphrase to sarcastically fling at their parents, she did all right. Tregay dug deep into the local library's YA section, and when she'd finished all the books, she hunkered down and decided to write her own.

Her debut novel, Love and Leftovers, is a YA novel in verse, meaning it's a series of poems presented together to tell the story of a young girl from Idaho who finds herself on a vacation to New Hampshire that she's beginning to suspect may be permanent.

Lauren Myracle, The New York Times bestselling author of Shine, called it "the most delicious love story I've read in ages." Kirkus Reviews said it had "real depth to accompany all that white space."

And while you could just go pick the book up at your local library Tregay-style this week, there's a special opportunity to have lunch with the author and pick her brain about all things leftover.

Friday, Jan. 6 from noon-1 p.m., Tregay will be at Rediscovered Bookshop having pizza with readers. At 7 p.m. that day, she'll read from her book at the same shop.