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Bet on Literacy

Friday, Oct. 21


Las Vegas--been there done that. Jackpot--close but no cigar. For one night, Boise will be a gambling town, where selfless acts meet selfish pursuits at the Knitting Factory with the Bet on Literacy fundraiser.

All your favorite bank-draining pastimes will be in attendance at the Bet On Literacy event, including blackjack, poker and craps. If you're a self-described card shark or have a hot hand with the dice, test your luck for a good cause at this casino-themed fundraiser for the Learning Lab. At the end of the night, your wallets might be empty, but instead of lining the pockets of casino owners, you'll be contributing to a good cause.

The Learning Lab is an all-ages educational nonprofit, whose aim is to improve literacy and learning skills at its computer-assisted learning center. With an annual enrollment of more than 300 students, the Learning Lab's goal is to improve the community and the lives of its citizens.

So put on that knockout dress or James Bond-style tuxedo and enjoy cocktails, dancing and the pursuit of Lady Luck, all while helping an outstanding organization.