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Boise State Students Track Delinquents Picking Up Cigarette Butts

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The premise of the submission was based on the little known fact that starving artists can't afford the tax on cigarettes, much less a new pack, and are forced to reuse half-smoked butts. Troubled youth of Boise are already picking up butts as part of their penance, so why not put their efforts to good use and free up some creative time for the artistic community? For less than $3,000, the applicants were willing to track and record the number of ciggie butts collected, barter with Ada County to secure possession of said butts and pay a group, preferably Republicans who most likely wouldn't dare abscond with the precious payload, to sort and count the collections to determine how many butts local artists are being deprived of with this asinine activity of the Alternate Sentencing program. The follow-up included proposing a codified rule that made the removal of cigarette butts illegal in public places thereby leaving more butts for artists to smoke. In the opinion of the proposal, the trickle down effect would benefit Boise's homeless population because "well-smoked" artists are more relaxed, happier and more likely to spare some change.

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