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The Best of Boise poll contains a handful of questions that seem to have but one answer--either because the person/place/thing truly is the best or the human/location/item is the only one in town, or he/she/it is a combination of both. Boise Weekly readers aren't shy about letting us know they know there is one obvious answer with responses like "What do you think, dumbass?" "Really?" and the perennial favorite, "Duh." We ask because even though we all have a pretty good idea who/what the frontrunner will be when the polls close, we think it's important to remind ourselves that certain beings/businesses are still doing their thing--and doing it well. On a side note, one particular reader made it clear (typo notwithstanding) he/she has bigger things than a poll to worry about, angrily answering all the questions in the Bars and Nightlife category with: "I ain't go time for this shit!"

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