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Mark Patterson resignation

Former Boise Republican Rep. Mark Patterson had a thing about the truth. He apparently didn't like it. Not only did his campaign fudge facts about his education and sports accomplishments, but he neglected to mention, on his concealed-weapons application, that he'd been arrested and charged with raping a woman in Florida in the 1970s. When the story broke in November 2013 that Patterson's permit was being yanked by the Ada County Sheriff's Office, the lawmaker lashed out at the media (former Statesman reporter Dan Popkey, in particular) and Sheriff Gary Raney. After a few lengthy press releases, filled with threats of lawsuits, his own party decided to push him out the door. Patterson resigned in December, proving that you can betray your colleagues during the primaries, you can compare Obamacare to the Holocaust and you can get arrested for DUI on Father's Day and still keep your seat in the Idaho Legislature. Lie on your pocket-gun application, though, and it's all over.

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