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Got the Munchies?

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Who are they kidding? With a name like Got the Munchies? it's not hard to guess the state of consciousness of the people who are going to call the 24/7 delivery service for a 3 a.m. snack of beef jerky and barbecue potato chips. Everything from the tie-dyed background and the Bob Marley video on their Myspace page, to the company's perma-grinning logo, hints at who they expect will be calling. And it's a great service to have available when you just can't find your keys (or your car) but need a bag of Skittles and some chocolate milk. Any time of the day or night, for about $10 plus the cost of food, Got the Munchies? will stop at your favorite restaurant or grocery store and bring you whatever your dry little mouth is craving.

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