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Crux and Crazy Horse closing

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For years, it seemed like The Crux was on the verge of going out of business. In 2012, the popular all-ages cafe/watering hole/music venue briefly lost its license to serve alcoholic beverages for "administrative violations" pertaining to unpaid taxes. In late 2014, Alcohol Beverage Control again suspended The Crux's alcohol license over tax issues. "Fuck you, fuck you, print that, fuck you," former owner Bob Cooper told Boise Weekly when asked what was up. In August, a "Sorry We are Closed" sign appeared on the venue's door, and that's the last anyone heard about it. While The Crux lingered, Crazy Horse was a flash in the pan. After a "reopening" party in September 2014, the venue lasted until June 2015 before closing its doors. Add those closures to The Bouquet and Boise lost three music venues within a year. Ouch.

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