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David Sedaris at Hastings

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It's long done and over, and we still don't understand it. Super hilarious David Sedaris--writer, radio guy and all-around funny man--embarked on a national tour to promote his new book

When You Are Engulfed in Flames

. Last time Sedaris was in Boise, he packed out the Egyptian to the tune of 800-some people with much media fanfare. This time, without much warning, the humorist landed at Hastings on Fairview. (Insert screeching rewind sound here.) Hastings. We almost didn't believe it ourselves, so we called in a favor and hung out with his handlers for an hour or so, standing behind Sedaris like a large cat waiting to pounce and discover we'd been duped. But he was the real thing--even doling out hotel soaps and shampoos to teenagers and requesting that all men under 5-foot, 6-inches and all bonded women be given priority in the line.
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