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Remote-Control Car Racetrack at Fort Boise

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More than once, we've heard someone say, "Act your age." We don't wanna. We know we can't stay young forever (we know we're not young now), but we're not just going to gently shuffle into old age. We're going kicking and screaming—maybe with a remote control in our hands. We get such a kick out of the RC car racetrack at Fort Boise. For less than the price of a used Hyundai, you can pick up a scaled-down version of a Corvette, a Ferrari or even a monster truck and redline it around the track. Take your friends for a little friendly competition, or even challenge the grade school kid whose endless of hours of Nintendo play have made him a natural at the controls. And when he kicks your ass, toss your head back, laugh nonchalantly, get behind the wheel of your grown-up car (even if it is little more than a rust bucket with seats) and drive away.

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