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A Building in the Boise Hole

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The giant pit in the middle of downtown Boise has become a de facto landmark. It's changed hands nearly half a dozen times, and each time grand plans are announced. Still all that manages to rise from the hole is rusted rebar and trees. Now, Gardner Company--with offices in Meridian and Salt Lake City--has announced it's under contract to buy the property with hopes of putting an office building on the site. Sure, we've heard it all before, but maybe this is the one. Maybe we can start planning a future together? We don't want to sound desperate or anything, but seriously, we're sick of having our hopes dashed. It's time to put up (a building) or shut up.

Editors Note: After this issue of Best of Boise went to press, officials with the City of Boise and Zions Bank announced that the Hole will be the site of the new Idaho headquarters for the Utah-based bank. Construction is set to begin within the next six months, although we still reserve the right to wait until the grand opening before we really believe it.

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