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Willowcreek Grill

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Willowcreek Grill is a good place to be both inside the restaurant or outside on the shaded patio. Some of the servers have been with the place since its inception and for many good reasons. Skilled with witty banter and unparalleled on the delivery, the service is snappy and fantastic. Meet with friends at a four-top, saddle up to the bar with co-workers after a long day, or snuggle with a loved one in a back booth. Home redecorators can get a few tips from the swanky lavatories all tiled up in calming earth tones. Adding to the "we-can't-decide-what's-best" factor is the fact that they plan to slap a sushi joint right alongside the main restaurant. Northwest fare and Asian cuisine will come from the same great kitchen. (Coming in October: Raw Sushi.)

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