Best Way to Tell Gluten to Stuff It

Jerry's State Court Cafe

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Jerry's State Court Cafe wears its old-school vibe on its well starched sleeve. It serves breakfast all day and courts the early bird crowd with a special senior discount menu peppered with helpings of biscuits and gravy, Salisbury steak and meatloaf. But that doesn't mean Jerry's isn't hip to the diet fad times. The Fairview restaurant has an entire gluten-free menu, and we're not just talking bun-less burgers and crouton-free cobb salads. The joint serves sandwiches like Reubens and triple-decker clubs on gluten-free bread, along with gluten-free burger buns, seared ahi tuna with gluten-free soy, and even gluten-free chicken penne alfredo, with gluten-free pasta, artichoke hearts and mushrooms in a gluten-free alfredo sauce. Jerry's is swell-iac for celiacs. 6767 W. Fairview Ave., Boise, 208-376-6767,

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