Best Way to Sideline a Piece of Public Art

'Heliotrope' stored in empty lot

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Sometimes it can be hard to know quite what to do with a 16-foot-tall, $42,000 metal sculpture when you have to move it. So it was with "Heliotrope," originally installed on Eighth and Main streets but in need of relocation once construction on the City Center Plaza project began at the Grove. The city of Boise's strategy was to pull it out and drop it off in a vacant lot--specifically, in the corner of an empty lot off Fairview Avenue and 24th Street, where the art piece lay on its side from the middle of June until the beginning of September. "Heliotrope" has since found a new home, on the corner of Eighth and Front streets in front of Urban Outfitters and literally on top of another public art project called "Virgo." We'll call its stay in the parking lot a "vacation."

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