Best Way to Seek Revenge with Food

Deliver your enemy Ghost Chili Igniter peanuts from City Peanut Shop

Editors' Picks

Step one: resist all temptation from lesser-burning nuts (the Cayenne Pecans or Afterburners will make a decent case for lenience on your enemy--stay firm in your resolve). Step two: purchase one pack of Ghost Chili Igniter Peanuts (for mild revenge, purchase the 2X version; for some serious payback, get the 4X). Step three: purchase one lovely decorative tin or gift food bag (preferably in pink or decorated in something nonthreatening like puppies or butterflies). Step four: empty the contents of the peanut bag into the empty gift bag. Step five: write a nice little note. Step six: deliver your package. Step seven: relish in your victory. 803 W. Bannock St., Boise, 208-433-3931,

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