Best Way to Piss Off the Majority of Idaho Women

Introduce an abortion ultrasound bill like Sen. Chuck Winder

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OK, guys, here's a hint on how to better understand women: Never, ever presume you know what's best for them, especially when it has to do with their own bodies and lives. It's a lesson Boise Republican Sen. Chuck Winder learned the hard way when he introduced a bill requiring all women seeking an abortion first undergo an ultrasound--which in most cases would have required an intrauterine probe. He quickly figured out it wasn't just the Pro Choice supporters he had ticked off--even otherwise conservative women said the bill crossed too many lines and that the government had no right to dictate women's medical care. While he has said the bill might be back in another form next year, we think he's just lucky no one gave him a personal demonstration of an intracolonic ultrasound.

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