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2012 Idaho Legislature

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There's a good reason that WWE is more popular than Greco-Roman wrestling: one features bombast and drama, bitter vendettas and a stark "good vs. evil" storyline (plus super-cool costumes), while the other is just two oily guys using skill to pin each other down. In 2012, the Idaho Legislature jumped clean off the bucklers in a knock-down, chair-smashing melee over a range of issues dear to far-right ideologues but not many other people. First was the Senate's approval of a measure controversial in other states that mandates women undergo an invasive ultrasound procedure prior to terminating a pregnancy. Beyond that, Republican lawmakers eschewed substantive action on issues like the economy, education funding and health care in favor of fighting with Occupy protesters who set up camp near the Capitol, letting a popular anti-bullying bill die in a House committee and steadfastly refusing--despite active public demonstrations in support--to "Add the Words," thus including members of the LGBT community in the Idaho Human Rights Act. Economy, education, health care, social services and equal rights: 0. Far-right political theater: 1.

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