Best Way to Lose an Eye

Biking on freshly chip-sealed roads

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How to chip-seal a road: 1. Cover existing pavement in layers of loose rock and hot oil. 2. Let rock sit for several days while motorists kick up mushroom clouds of dust, choking pedestrians and bikers who are unlucky enough to have not only their usual bike commuting or running routes afflicted by this "improvement" but every alternative route as well. The really unfortunate part is that motorists (in an understandable hurry to get back to normal pavement so as not to take a serious dinger in their windshield, paint job or undercarriage) sometimes speed just a little too fast and kick up rocks—in addition to aforementioned dust—which, in not-so-freak accidents, bean bikers and pedestrians, leaving unsightly bruises, welts and in really ugly cases, missing eyes. 3. Days later, squirt some sealant onto the road.

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