Best Way to Get Your Chi Flowing

The Wellspring School for Healing Arts

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More than once, we've been accused of being just a little off. But thanks to Wellspring, we're at least figuring out how to get our yin and yang in balance. The school focuses on Chinese Ama massage, which attempts to help patients get their energies flowing just right. But better than a little ancient Eastern wisdom is the fact that you can get it on the cheap. Since the school's students need time spent with actual patients, Wellspring runs student clinics on the occasional Saturday morning or Tuesday night. It's not fancy, but students have more than a year of training, the teachers stop by for a consultation and best yet, it's only $25 for an hour. Patients leave with customized information on diet and exercise, and with a little more inner peace. We're still a little off, but it has nothing to do with our yang.

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