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Shadows Embroidery

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We've all heard someone say, "How's he ever going to get a real job with that tattoo of Elvis on his face?" OK, maybe not that exact phrase, but something about how nobody with visible ink gets a career in banking. Here's the thing: Maybe the guy with the barbed-wire tattoo encircling his throat doesn't want to make change for a living. Maybe he's happy being a guitarist in a punk band. And maybe to make some extra money, he'll get a job a Shadows Embroidery, where he'll work with smart, creative, hardworking folks--both tattooed and not--on T-shirts, banners and signs for every kind of business, sports teams and arts organization imaginable. The people at Shadows know it's not what's on the outside that counts. Unless it's a screenprinted or embroidered item from them. And then it totally does. 3559 W. Wright St., Boise, 208-395-1200,

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