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In the past 30 or so years, smoking has gone from the definition of cool to an act of vileness somewhere between drunk driving and human sacrifice. Relegated from restaurants, banned from bars, ostracized from offices and scorned from sidewalks, the only decent place to have a smoke anymore is in your car or the safety of your own home--but then you end up stinking like the butt-end of, well, a butt. Better to kick the habit altogether. Solution? Starting vaping. For between $20 and $150, erstwhile smokers can ditch their coffin nails for electronic "cigarettes," which deliver ample doses of nicotine in vapor form without (as much) social disenfranchisement. Coming in a range of styles and countless numbers of flavors, you can puff away on tastes as varied as bubblegum, machiatto or strawberry... or just go for the "tastes like a nasty old cigarette" option. Once you've made those decisions, the hardest part is figuring out what to call people who use e-cigs. Vapers? Vapists? Yeah... probably better go with "vapers."

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