Best Way to Blow It

Get accused of sexually harassing a staffer while still dealing with the fallout from a drunken-driving charge

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Step No. 1: blow a blood alcohol content of .15 after jack-knifing an SUV you stole from a suburban neighborhood in the dead of night (on Father's Day, no less). Step No. 2: publicly apologize, get the felony theft charges dropped, get all but five days of a 180-day jail sentence suspended. Step No. 3: Squander the shocking amount of uncritical forgiveness from embarrassed colleagues by getting yourself accused of sexually harassing a staffer. Yes, the 39-year-old former Republican Sen. John McGee from Caldwell looked set for a bright career as one of the Idaho GOP's golden boys, rising as high as Senate Republican Caucus chairman, but that all came crashing down over the course of a bizarre eight-month implosion that began with his June 19, 2011, arrest--in which he wandered drunkenly from a Boise golf course and ended up asleep in a stranger's Ford Excursion, which he'd driven onto another stranger's yard, then told police he was "looking for the promised land"--and ended in February 2012, when he resigned from the Senate amid allegations that he'd made improper advances toward an unnamed legislative aide. On Aug. 21, the disgraced former senator was sentenced to six months in jail related to the harassment allegations. McGee-whiz!

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