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Stagecoach Inn

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The Stagecoach has been a venerable Treasure Valley institution since the 1950s. The slot machines are gone and the lounge is no longer smoke-filled, but there is still one solid reminder of the past to go along with the dark wood paneling and deep booths--the waitresses' uniforms. The black, polyester mini dresses with sleeves and hems lined in white fringe are a throwback to bygone days when Garden City was a home to Boise's vices. While the look is now called "retro," don't for a moment think the waitresses at the Coach don't have enough attitude to own the outfits. This staff doesn't saunter anywhere, they know their stuff and are quick with the comebacks to any cheesy line a customer can throw at them. Should there be some waitress hall of fame, these ladies are shoe-ins, outfits and all.

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