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Wow. So many of you voted in this category. It makes us proud ... we're tearing up a little ... give us a minute ... OK, we're better now. We're just happy that of the 20 questions you had to answer to make your votes count, this was one of them. And we completely understand why VAC won. What they've done for Boise and Garden City (which, face it, are pretty much one and the same) is provide a multidisciplinary venue, something that was sorely missing around here five years back. Owners Sam Stimpert and Anneliessa Balk-Stimpert incorporate visual art and performance art seamlessly. It's not odd to see a crazy indie rock show one night and then attend a visual art opening the next night. The Stimperts bring in young, new and cutting-edge artists, as well as more established ones, continually offering an array of visually stimulating exhibits. They keep an eye on both local and touring bands, exposing Boiseans to music that they aren't going to hear anywhere else while featuring beloved local bands, too. The Stimperts also open their doors to community and nonprofit (and for-profit) organizations, and offer a cool, urban, welcoming environment those groups won't find elsewhere. It's the kind of venue we wish we'd thought of first.

Second Place: Boise Art Museum

Third Place: Basement Gallery

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