Best Local Venue to See Live Music

The Big Easy

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The Big Easy is a great venue in which to see, hear and dance to a band (and we think staff are some of the nicest people we know and go a long way in making sure we have a good time every time we see a show). If staying seated during a show is your thing, that's kind of sad, but is an option with tables and chairs on both the lower and upper levels. There's even more seating in the Bourbon Street Saloon (and another full bar) and, if you're cool enough to get in, inside the VIP lounge. If dancing around and seeing your favorite rock stars up close is more your style, the floor in front of the stage has plenty of room for you, your closest friends and the couple of hundred total strangers you'll be squeezed in next to (and, by nature of their proximity, possibly your new closest friends by the end of the night). Some chart-topping, out-of-town names have played the 1,000-capacity place; but we also get to see some of our favorite local musicians, for which the Big Easy gets a big gold star.

Second Place: Neurolux

Third Place: The Bouquet

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