Best Use of Stuffed Animals in Local Marketing

Car Dealer-ship Across From Joe's Crab Shack

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Ufta. Sometimes, readers, you amaze us. This year, we threw in a couple of wacky reader questions just to mix it up. Best Use of Stuffed Animals in Local Marketing is one of them. What's amazing about the winner in this category isn't the winner. After all, it's exactly what we had in mind when we wrote the question. What's amazing is the way in which a majority of readers identified the winner, which is to say, not by name. It seems nobody actually knows the name of the car dealership across from Joe's Crab Shack with the quirky stuffed animal marketing campaign because none of you who voted for it actually used its real name. You all just referred to it in some variation of the phrase "the car dealership across from Joe's Crab Shack." What can we learn from all this? A quirky marketing campaign will get your business noticed and will even get your business an equally quirky award as voted by the people for the people, which is all great news except for one thing: nobody knows your business name. For the record, it's John Minegar's Auto Sales.

Second Place: Zoo Boise

Third Place: Tie: Boise Police Department and DeJaMoo, the two-headed calf at Idaho Historical Museum

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