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Flying ice at The Modern Hotel and Bar

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In a 1972 episode of Columbo, the brilliant (but underrated) Robert Culp portrays a killer whose weapon of choice leaves no trace--actually disappears completely. Culp portrays the egocentric manager of a football team who, to prevent a self-indulgent bon vivant (portrayed by the equally great Dean Stockwell) from inheriting the team, murders him by smashing a thick, jagged chunk of ice down on his head as he steps out of his swimming pool. By the time Lt. Columbo arrives on the scene, the ice has melted and voila, no weapon. The cocktail virtuosos at The Modern Hotel and Bar are not plotting the perfect murder, but they have been known to be so hyper-focused, they don't even notice the frozen shards flying scattershot as they shave and sculpt ice for mixological masterpieces. Honestly, sitting at the bar watching the magic happen is worth the risk--just be prepared to guard, turn, parry, dodge or spin. And if you do get hit by a frozen missile, there's no point in saying anything. You'll soon have an exquisite concoction before you, and the evidence will be long gone.

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