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Carnegie Library Building

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We love Andrew Carnegie. We might be biased since he is from a town near and dear to some of our staff's hearts. The real reason we love him is that without Carnegie's grants to towns across the United States during the 1900s, the Carnegie Library would not be here. Sure, you've been by it, barely given it a glance. The Carnegie Library building at 815 W. Washington St. is one of our favorite buildings in Boise. It doesn't get much better than that and, phew, are we lucky it didn't get torn down during Boise's "revitalization" projects of the '80s. It's stunning. Go look for yourselves. It's right there across the street from Boise High School, set back on a wide expanse of green lawn and trees. We are jealous of the lawyers that work in the building and get to sit in Boise history all day long.

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