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City vs. ACHD on bike lane pilot

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The green paint and "candlestick" barriers were ugly to some, cumbersome to others. They ate up lanes of traffic on Capitol Boulevard, and Main and Idaho streets. A few even said they slowed down traffic. But for a little over a month, the buffered bike lane project gave Boise the look and feel of cyclist-friendly cities like Seattle and Washington, D.C. The Ada County Highway District, which has curb-to-curb control over Boise's streets, saw more cyclists using the sidewalks than the lanes themselves, and a slew of irate motorists irked that car traffic lanes had been given over to bicyclists who seemed to scarcely know how to use them. Despite objections from cyclists and the Boise City Council, the lanes were scrubbed, serving as a bummed-out memory for downtown bike commuters.

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