Best Thing to do With the Boise Tower Hole


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We've wanted to fill it with cheese or chocolate and make it the world's largest fondue pot, in which we could take a swim in saturated fat and lick calories from each and every finger one at a time. We've proposed a doggy park on top of a double decker Sephora. In last year's Best of Boise, we made a simple suggestion that every time you people walked by the hole, you threw in a handful of dirt. However well-intentioned we may have been, the idea just never caught on. It's apparent that Boise just doesn't want to fill the gaping, steel-mangled hole. So we say: don't. Instead, our suggestion is to throw in a few more steel girders, weld together a "roof" and fashion a cage. What, you ask, shall we display in this very public prison? More like who, we answer. Boise Tower's original developer Rick Peterson would be an obvious candidate (what's that saying about making your bed and lying in it ... literally). We'll even throw in Boise Place developer Gary Rogers (Boise Place became the hole's name after Charterhouse Boise Downtown Properties got involved). Passersby could heckle the prisoners for leaving an unsightly wound so long in downtown Boise.

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